Knock decades of big head, the result even five road god of wealth is who all don’t know!Look at this.

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Today is the fifth day of the New Year, many people are sincerely full all night queuing to kowtow to the God of wealth, the main temple worship of the god of wealth is usually five road god of wealth, knock so many, even five road god of wealth is who do not know the people really is not a few oh!The five gods of wealth are bigan, the east god of wealth, Guan Gong, the West god of wealth, Chai Wang ye, the South god of wealth, Zhao Gongming, the North god of wealth and Wang Hai, the middle god of wealth.1, east road god of wealth than dry “romance of the Gods”, than dry is framed by the fox Daji dug heart and died.Jiang Taigong thought That Bigan was outstanding, so he was appointed Lord Wenquxing, who was regarded as the God of literature and wealth.2, the west road god of wealth Guan Yu Guan Yu, how to become the West road god of wealth?It is said that during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Jin merchants helped each other and made fortunes together. As Guan Yu was a famous person in Shanxi, Jin merchants throughout the country built Guandi Temples in different areas. People went to guandi Temple to offer incense and make wishes, and over time guan Yu was regarded as the god of wealth.Because Guan Yu was a general in Western Shu, he was in charge of the resources of the western road.3, the south road god of wealth Chai Prince Chai is the later Zhou Shizong Chai Rong, commonly known as Chai Prince.Lord Chai was originally the king of heaven, in charge of finance in heaven.Later, he was sent to the earth by the Jade Emperor and reincarnated as the Emperor of the Later Zhou Dynasty to save people from fire and water.From the Song and Yuan dynasties, it was regarded as the god of wealth by the people of the Central Plains.Zhao Gongming in the legend of zhao Gongming black face thick beard, armor, riding black tiger, with silver whip and ingot in both hands.Jiang Taigong conferred him the title of the God of wealth.It is said that Zhao Gongming was born in the north of the Central Plains, so he was in charge of the north road.King Hai, the god of wealth, was said to be the seventh emperor of shang during the Xia Dynasty, that is, before the shang Dynasty was founded in Shang Tang.He helped his father deal with floods, invented bullock carts, and encouraged people to use bullock carts to carry goods out for trading, thus pioneering Chinese commerce, and thus is known as the “First Ancestor of Chinese merchants”.Be regarded as the god of wealth in the middle.Modern people all hope to get rich and get rich overnight, but why do they want to get rich?”The university” said: benevolence to wealth wealth, not benevolence to body wealth.A benevolent man is known for spreading wealth to improve his virtue, while an unkind man amass wealth at the cost of his life.”The University” also said: virtue, this also;Wealth, the end also.In this era, many people put their pursuit on wealth and material, with external material to meet their desires;There is nothing wrong with pursuing material things, but if you do it too much, it can backfire.Therefore, I also hope that you should not “abandon your roots” in pursuit of wealth and a better life!