New Energy Daily News | Tesla fined in South Korea for exaggerating range;Ideal Car CTO was revealed to have left

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Whale Platform February 17 morning news Ningde times responded to investors’ questions:Copper, aluminum can be greatly reduced by new technologies on February 15, usage on the evening of the leading enterprises in the global power battery ningde time announcement, unveiled on February 14, chairman Jiang Li yu-qun zeng, the board secretary and deputy general manager, chief financial officer Zheng Shu accept including hillhouse capital, hong shang capital investment, tencent, temasek, such as sequoia capital, 50 investors the situation of the research.Investors ask: lithium shortage will not be able to solve for a while, resource development needs a cycle, copper, aluminum prices are rising, in this period how to deal with the company?The company has some supply agreements, but the whole industry has to bear the price increase. Are you worried about sales?Ningde times said, lithium carbonate and other raw materials after the short-term cost rise has a certain impact on the company, can be hedge through a variety of ways;The use of copper and aluminum could be drastically reduced through new technology.Switching mode allows consumers to realize the first purchase cost lower than fuel cars, while enjoying electric, intelligent and convenient switching.South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) has started disciplinary proceedings against US electric car maker Tesla for overstating the battery performance of its electric cars sold in The country, Yonhap news agency reported Wednesday, global Times reported.A global Times reporter contacted Tesla on Monday about the report, but did not receive a response by press time.False claims, as considered by KFTC, mainly refer to Tesla’s description of vehicle range.KFTC said tesla’s flagship models, including the Model 3, had a reduced range in sub-zero temperatures that was not noted on the company’s website or in its advertisements.According to a report by 36Kr, Wang Kai, the CTO of Ideal Automobile, will leave the company in the near future. The exact direction of his departure was not disclosed.This is also ideal since the founding of the highest level of management to leave, its tenure of only 17 months.After Mr Wang’s departure, the business under his jurisdiction will be taken over by Ma Donghui, ideo’s co-founder and chief engineer.In response to a question about whether CTO Wang Kai had left the company, Ideal Auto replied to jiemian news: “We have no comment on this information.”Australian lithium miner Liontown Resources Ltd has signed a five-year, legally binding sales and procurement agreement with electric car maker Tesla, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.Tesla will purchase 100,000 dry tons (DMT, weight minus moisture) of spodumene concentrate from Liontown in the first year of the agreement (2024) and increase that to 150,000 dry tons per year in subsequent years, according to the statement.Liontown previously signed a purchase agreement with LG Energy Solutions (LGES) for the same amount.This means that if Tesla and Liontown reach a final agreement, tesla and LGES will each contract one-third of Kathleen Valley’s production even before the Kathleen Valley project starts.Zhanxin Electronics co., Ltd. announced the completion of a strategic financing exclusively invested by Xiaopeng Automobile.This financing will continue to be used to expand the market, supplement r&d and operating funds, and continue to bring in talented people.Last October, chomchip completed a round of financing of several hundred million yuan A++ led by lightspeed China.Founded in 2017 in Lingang, Shanghai, Zhanxin Electronics is a high-tech company focusing on silicon carbide power semiconductor field.Tesla and Hikvision signed a strategic agreement to jointly create a new paradigm of green and low-carbon solutions securities Times news, on February 15, Tesla and Hikvision signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Hangzhou.Both sides agreed, will create solutions, through methods such as to set up a joint laboratory, continue to promote double carbon technologies, products and solutions, in the park, low carbon low carbon AI AI community, low-carbon AI effective ground in the construction field, at the same time focus on city level double carbon cerebrum, energy and other key emerging market demand, accelerate the city double carbon target of high quality.No one was injured in a dM-I car fire in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, BYD said on Monday, adding that the accident did not cause any battery fire and further investigation is needed.In addition, in view of the network spread the accident “caused the death of the driver, the car people killed” and other news, BYD said, for the string cut video and malicious association misleading, will report to the police.Yun:Signed a project cooperation agreement with Enjet And Ev Lithium energy on the whole industry chain of new energy batteries.Yunnan Yantianhua Co., Ltd., Yuxi People’s Government of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Enjie New Materials Co., Ltd., EVE Energy Co., Ltd., zhejiang Huayou Holding Group Co., Ltd., signed the “New Energy Battery Whole Industry Chain Project Cooperation Agreement” in Kunming, Yunnan Province, and agreed that the parties jointly set up two joint ventures in Yuxi.After obtaining exploration and mining rights through the joint venture company in accordance with laws and regulations, the joint mining of mineral resources, mineral deep processing, joint research and development, production and sales of new energy battery and new energy battery upstream and downstream materials.It is understood that the project is planned to be invested in three phases. The first phase of the project promises to invest about 18.05 billion yuan and will be completed before December 31, 2023.The second phase of the project promises to invest about 33.65 billion yuan and will be completed by December 31, 2025.The third phase of the project is scheduled to be completed by 2030.Change especially electrician: a 1 gw photovoltaic and supporting project investment framework agreement change especially electrician announcement, holding company change especially electrician xinjiang new energy co., LTD. Signed with hongtong county people’s government, huaxiang equity investment framework agreement, hongtong county 1 gw pv power generation project investment construction, form a complete set of solar stent production project, the project total investment 4.3 billion yuan;The 1GW PHOTOVOLTAIC power station investment of 4 billion yuan.The first public offering of clean energy REITs to enter a new field was accepted by The Financial Union on February 17.Recently, Penghua Shenzhen Energy Clean energy closed-end infrastructure Securities Investment Fund was officially accepted by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, marking the expansion of infrastructure REITs to the clean energy field.””The latest hot spot of new energy and reporter reference, all in the whale platform new energy morning paper