Why are elites so time-sensitive

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The time management techniques shared in this book are not just about the author’s personal success, but also about the recent knowledge of brain science and psychology to form his “God’s Time management technique.”I think the author has two points on how to get up early easily.Take a shower in the morning.Taking a shower rejuvenates your brain and energizes your body so you can work productively.2.Sleep with the curtains open.In the morning, the rising sun can wake us up naturally without an alarm clock.The best time to nap is 20-30 minutes, after 30 minutes, brain function will gradually deteriorate, more than an hour, and can even have adverse health effects.Napping too long can interfere with falling asleep at night and is one of the causes of insomnia.Be sure to wake up before 3 p.m.When your body is tired and your brain is drowsy, your productivity is definitely low. If you force yourself to continue working at this time, you will not only make slow progress, but also waste time.Two to three hours after you wake up is prime time for your brain to be alert, focused, and productive at the highest levels of your day.After exercise comes the brain’s second golden hour.Exercise helps us regain our focus, and exercise is one of the best ways to create time. Exercise extends our lifespan, which in turn creates time for us.Weekends do not need to deliberately supplement sleep, weekend lie-in will reduce the brain function, or get rid of this habit.If you have to sleep, it is recommended that you wake up at most 2 hours later than usual. This is the limit of sleeping in.Even getting enough sleep on weekends doesn’t improve your ability to concentrate.Instead of using your free time for work, take time to “invest in yourself.” Focus, increase productivity, and create more free time for yourself.Use this time to invest in yourself, grow and develop yourself, and as a result, create more time for your success.This is the virtuous circle of life.