Dong Lijin, ex-soldier: Digital economy is better for people’s livelihood

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Dong Lijin, chairman of Yantai Miaodun Iot Technology Co., LTD and general manager of Yantai Xinmiao Security Technology Service Co., LTD, has been listed on the 2021 National Veterans’ Entrepreneurial Honor List published by The People’s Daily on Jan 27.Dong Lijin, served for 26 years, is a senior engineer.After choosing his own career, Dong Lijin always adhered to the concept of pursuing development through scientific and technological innovation, and gave full play to his professional advantages and r&d technical expertise in the field of fire fighting. In 2015, He founded Yantai Miaodun Iot Technology Co., LTD., which is mainly engaged in product research and development in the fields of intelligent emergency response, intelligent fire fighting and safety production.Dong Lijin has been awarded as taishan Industry Leading Talent, Yantai city’s most beautiful ex-serviceman, Yantai city’s most beautiful science and technology worker. He has integrated his personal ideal into yantai’s high-quality development practice, showing the great role of ex-servicemen in economic and social development.”The original intention of starting the business was to solve problems in the industry, and to do something meaningful with some veterans,” he said.In Dong Lijin’s opinion, retired military personnel resources play an important role in the sustainable development of economic society, through the implementation of technology empowerment + concept renewal plan, comprehensive improvement of retired military vocational skills and comprehensive quality, to a large extent, retired military stable employment, high-quality employment, high-quality employment.”It’s a great platform for veterans.”Original yantai garrison commands to a level 4 master sergeant, xin Simon safety technology service co., LTD. The engineer May 2 peng in an interview, “based on” two change a net “, a collection of zhifu veterans training, gradually establish the grid security officer, safety inspectors, safety engineers, three levels of security service team.”A combination of “civil air defense, technical defense and physical defense” will be implemented, and a new model of safety supervision based on grid, specialization, and Internet of things will be explored and practiced, effectively solving the problem of work safety being neglected, unable to be managed, and poorly managed.”The transition from ex-servicemen to grid security officers, safety inspectors and safety engineers is inseparable from vocational skills training. Safety schools should be established to retrain ex-servicemen.”Simon shield in chefoo digital economy industrial park innovation application experience centre, Dong Lijin in urban safety management mode of “innovation makes digital security service team” title introduces the assigned to veterans of the growth and success, after “and professional teachers and real playground, help veterans attended all kinds of qualification certificate, after staff ‘recycled’ retrain regularly,Improve the professional ability of the team.In 2021, 30 veterans have completed training and moved on to security management jobs.By the end of this year, 80 more will join the team.”Smart electricity system can not only prevent electrical fire technically, but also improve the efficiency of electricity management, which really realizes the early warning of electrical fire and effectively reduces the hidden danger of electrical fire.In Dong Lijin view, develop with the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, represented a new generation of technologies such as artificial intelligence in the digital economy, to electrical wiring (cable temperature, current, voltage, power consumption, residual current, arc fault) for 24 hours real-time monitoring, on the electric power monitoring and electricity safety regulation has brought unprecedented new experiences.”We are developing a fire safety ‘brain-like’ system that connects all the sensors in the enterprise to provide the best solution through big data analysis and artificial intelligence algorithms.”With the support of digital economy, how can fire protection industry better serve the society and benefit people’s lives from the height of the whole smart city construction?Dong Lijin has a clear plan.He said that the digitalization and intellectualization of fire protection and even emergency response industry requires extensive interdisciplinary, cross-industry and even cross-border dialogue and cooperation to establish basic consensus on promoting smart city construction, and then translate these consensus into policies, regulations, regulations and guidelines.At the same time, with the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other technological innovation and service innovation enabling high-quality economic development, citizens’ high-quality life, and safe and efficient operation of the city as the basic starting point, we will jointly create a new highlight of smart city represented by smart security, and help the sustainable development of smart city.The Year of the Tiger is coming.For every retired soldier who has devoted himself to the cause of fire safety, adherence is the responsibility, the faith, the original aspiration, the struggle for the dream, and the most beautiful agreement to the future hand in hand.Exactly: “One hundred thousand miles of spring breeze, one hundred thousand good news.Spring is a colorful dream, vigorous spread across the land of China.”Here, bless the world all “dream pursuers”, in the adherence to the future together.Reporter Wu Yong Correspondent Du Xiaoqing Liu Chang Source: Jiaodong online editor: Liu Hui