How was the initial gold set at 500 in the alliance?Will the future be eight hundred

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League of Legends has been going on for eight years, and many heroes, equipment and modes have been removed or reworked by The fist as the official version continues to be improved.Fist game designers have their own ideas about game mechanics, such as pacing before, during, and after the game, the proportion of coins to be equipped, and even the balance plan for growing heroes (miniatures, dog heads, etc.), but how many people know why the starting gold is only 500?Let’s start with a set of data.As a competitive game, the fist is to maintain the game principle problem, but as part of the hero skill itself is out of line, the advantages and disadvantages in if COINS do not limit, that they can rely on the equipment to improve the panel properties advantages, like old sword kyi out hundreds of the same damage easily, advantage simply stop over time.The Dolan series has a lower debut rate than previous years in the outnet gear purchase data rankings, but this is to be expected from Fist.Since the fist removed blue medicine goods, red medicine with 98.36% purchase rate ranked in the consumption of the first, of course, corrupt potion and compound potion is also more popular, the reason is that there is no need to constantly buy.This also puts the player into a “story” that fist has created for you, because there are only 500 coins, so you have to decide whether you are going to grow or fight before you get out of the fountain.In addition, for some of the mid-season strong heroes, Fist also gives a bonus, it is extraction, although only 17.93% of the debut rate, but it is still the favorite of many ADC players.Of course, like the hero who relies on the attribute panel to hit the damage, the long sword with red is also very many pieces, but the designer in order to limit this early too powerful ability, we can see the purpose of the fist from the purchase of this equipment gold remaining 0.In other words, 80% of players who go out today spend all 500 gold, which is the fist’s idea of fairness, and no one’s going to make fun of it.And every once in a while (for a long time) the initial gold will be included in the fist adjustment plan, since new equipment is much more difficult to develop than old equipment adjustments or reworks.One thing to mention is that during the s2-S6 season, the initial gold was 475, only changed to 500 later.And all of this is related to the price rise and fall of the Doran series of weapons.The Doran weapon, the Doran Shield and the Doran Sword, as the initial recommended equipment in LOL, went from 475 gold at the beginning to 440 gold and now to 450 gold, and the initial gold went up along with it, just so that the hero could buy an additional bottle of red medicine with the Doran weapon.Before going out, spend the 500 dollars given by the system. This is fist’s understanding of the fairness of the game. If you want to develop, you can even buy and extract, and “mine”.After revision S6, until now, the integrated season initial gold still have 500 gold COINS, which can be concluded that, for a long time, the number should be hard to change, after all the underlying set of change always lead to the great changes in many unpredictable, and fist company should also be careful consideration.If a game wants to stay hot for a long time, it must have its internal driving force. In the inherent framework and game mechanism, continuous innovation and optimization can keep the loyalty of game fans. League of Legends is such a game that is constantly updated and optimized.In League of Legends, it’s the fist game designers’ obsession with game balance. From S1 to S9, I’m one of many LOL players who have witnessed the downfall of individualism in LOL.It can be said that from the original 1V5 years over the old players, will be unforgettable to those invincible heroes, jiansheng, weapons, sword ji, knife sister, Rui Wen, Yasuo.LOL’s initial gold is just a small part of such a massive redesign.Also because of the fist designers’ obsession with game balance, there are more than 100 heroes in LOL, including the early strong line heroes, such as Jace and Male sword.There are also unbeatable development heroes in the later period, such as Kasadin, vampires, etc. Therefore, a reasonable initial number of gold can ensure that the early hero can gain an advantage, but not make the later development hero cannot survive, and 500 gold is just enough to meet this aspect.