You can order the HPV vaccine here in Bayannur

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“Hangjin Houqi Hospital service number” public number domestic bivalent HPV vaccine on February 10 09:18 can be online appointment!1. The reservation number of this bivalent HPV vaccine is 65 persons, and the appointment will last until the date of expiration.After successful appointment, please come to Hangjin Houqi Hospital for vaccination within days of appointment.2. The service number of Hangjin Houqi Hospital wechat mini program “Bivalent HPV appointment” does not limit the registered area, and women of the right age can make an appointment.3, vaccination target and procedure: bivalent HPV vaccine is applicable to 9-45 years old women, 359 yuan per dose (including the vaccination service fee), which: 9-14 years old women only need to be vaccinated with two shots, a total of 718 yuan, 0, 6 months respectively.Female 15-45 years old received one dose in 0, 1 and 6 months respectively, with a total of 1077 yuan for three doses.The price is less than half that of the imported HPV vaccine, and the protection rate is higher or equal to that of the imported bivalent and tetravalent vaccines.After the successful appointment, pay the bill and pay the inoculation in the emergency Department of Hangjin Houqi Hospital on the spot. The fee can be paid in a lump sum. Cash, wechat and Alipay can be paid.Hangjin Houqi Hospital will not charge fees through any other channels, if the public found claiming to be hangjin Houqi hospital staff or claiming to be able to increase the price of early vaccination and other similar information, it is illegal behavior, please pay attention to identify.Step 1: Search the public account of “Hangjin Houqi Hospital Service Number” on wechat or scan the qr code below.Step 2: Enter the public account, click the “hospital information” module below, enter the “HPV appointment”.Step 3: Improve your personal information.Step 4: Select the emergency department of Hangjin Houqi Hospital.The opening of vaccine reservation requires the operator to refresh the page again before making an appointment. Step 5: Click to make an appointment within the period of “available for appointment”.Step 6: Just book the first injection.After checking, click “Confirm reservation”.Step 7: Prompt the reservation is successful.Source: Hangjin Houqi Hospital