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Watch the Lantern Festival concert series “Enjoy traditional Festival and listen to folk music”As the difference between northern Yuanxiao and southern Tangyuan, on the vast land of China, the environment and culture of different regions also bred different temperaments of folk music. Generally speaking, the music of the north is more vigorous and bold, while the music of the south is more clear and graceful.As the Lantern Festival is approaching, Changsha Concert Hall and Hunan Ethnic Orchestra have specially planned a Lantern Festival concert of 2022 xiangyin, Xiangqing and Xiangyun to celebrate the Lantern Festival with you!Performance Time: February 13, 19:30 venue: Changsha Concert Hall, Xiangjiang Hall Valentine’s Day special performance! The classical love songs we heard in those years are a feast of audio-visual music performed by professional musicians, which is a collision from classical to pop.Violinist Zhang Jingye and pianist Zhou Jing will surprise you and your loved one on valentine’s Day.The performance is a concert themed on love. The selection of music from classical to pop will present the audience with a multi-element style. Classic pieces abound, such as “Greetings of Love”, “Love of My Life”, “Gorgeous Polonaise in D major, Op.4” and other well-known classical movements.Performance Highlights: Here you can not only hear the moving melody of Changsha Tanci, which has been passed down for centuries, but also feel the double reed performance with Unique Hunan characteristics;Here you can not only see the original traditional crosstalk performances, but also appreciate the most down-to-earth and the most lasting local characteristics of the sketch.More distinctive style of positive energy burst into laughter stage plays, the program here can make you laugh in Mandarin, dialect can also make you laugh.Performance Time: Every Friday and Saturday at 20:00 venue: No. 69 Pozi Street, Tianxin District, Changsha, Xi Xi Member Of the Spirit of The Mouth Performance Highlights: super fried super funky performance, super cute audience, super awesome super surprise drama punch card scene, happy Spring Festival with you.Date: Feb.6-8, Feb.12-15 Venue: Lecture on “Hunan Culture and Neo-Confucianism” at Sanming (People’s) Meeting, Grand Theater, Meixi Lake International Culture and Art CenterTang Haoming, Zheng Jiaming and Zhu Hanmin, three academic leaders gathered at the Sixian forum to hold the “Sanming (People) Seminar”. With the theme of “Huxiang culture and Neo-Confucianism”, they explored the relationship between Huxiang culture and Neo-Confucianism, touched the source and flow of Huxiang culture, reviewed the ancient and modern times, answered doubts and shared wisdom.Speaker: Tang Haoming, Zheng Jiaming, Zhu Hanmin Lecture Time: 14:30-17:00, January 22 Lecture Venue: Lecture Hall 217, Changsha Library How to participate: Scan the qr code below to register for the Return of the King — Ancient Chinese Bronze Wares Exhibition”The Return of the King” exhibition brings together 280 bronze artifacts from more than 10 cultural and museum units, including numerous treasures from the National Museum of China, as well as bronze treasures collected by Hunan Provincial Museum and Sanxingdui Museum in Sichuan Province.They are important carriers of ancient material culture and spiritual culture, from which we can see the solemn and elegant of shang and Zhou bronzes, as well as the inheritance and change of Han to Ming and Qing bronzes, explaining and displaying the splendid bronze culture of ancient China with a long history.Date: Until May 18th (every Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 to 17:00) Venue: Hall 1 of the Special Exhibition on the first floor of Xiangbo, Tihu Begetting Happiness — The Group exhibition of Cultural Relics of The Chinese Zodiac in the Year of the TigerThe exhibition by the Chinese cultural relic newspaper United Nations 50 wenbo, selection of hundreds of cultural relics, specimens, art images associated with tiger, assembled into a photo exhibition, Chinese zodiac cultural relics points “tiger jump ten thousand – tiger” in the natural world “rests the east – the tiger” in the historical culture “tiger tiger world – folk life” three parts.Date: until April 26 Venue: Atrium, 1st Floor, Changsha Museum (free) Jade Soul · Ancient Chinese Culture ExhibitionThis exhibition is in order of time, bringing together the country’s 8 cultural institutions, a total of 410 pieces (sets) of exquisite jade, divided into the Neolithic Age, Xia, Shang and Western Zhou, Spring and Autumn warring States Qin and Han and Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties to qing Dynasty four major parts, together to present China’s nearly 9000 years of jade cultural history.Date: until April 5 Venue: Changsha Museum (free) : A Special Exhibition of Han Dynasty Cultural Relics in ShandongExhibition featured two han period, the latest and the most important archaeological discoveries in shandong district, including chapter grave los, juye laterite shan zhuang, double rushan county pingyin, linyi YinQiaoShan writing 163 pairs of 235 pieces of unearthed cultural relics on display are “field of the transverse seal” lute, “general motor seal” copper seal, “qi big officer” copper basin, xi ping writing, world bamboo slips, the han Dan pill fine cultural relics, etc.With material culture as the main line, the exhibition attempts to reveal the glorious history of Shandong in the Han Dynasty from the aspects of political separation, prosperity of all industries, life of Kings and cultural exchanges.Exhibition Highlights: This exhibition selects five batches of 316 groups (327 pieces) of fine slips from gansu Slips Museum’s collection of Juyan, Jianshui, Xuanquan, Dunhuang and Diwan, among which 106 pieces of first-class cultural relics.The theme of the exhibition is the material life of the officials stationed in the northwest of the Han Dynasty, which is divided into three units: garrison, garrison and frontier fortress life. The exhibition displays the life of the officials stationed in frontier Fortress of the Han Dynasty two thousand years ago, guiding people through the thousand years, through the precious wooden pieces, to understand the emotion and human nature of ancient and modern communication.Date: until April 6 Venue: Special Exhibition Hall of Changsha Bamboo Slips Museum (open for free)The exhibition brings together the rare and precious cultural relics 50 pieces (sets), presents the structure is divided into “bead jade in the former” “tao states like” “take over and carry forward the” three parts, nearly two hundred years in hunan area c book wind heritage as the context, to explore c book in hunan and development, the influence of the wind to comb Qian Feng as the core,This paper examines the groups of calligraphists influenced by Yan Zhenqing’s calligraphy style, such as he Shaoji family, Zeng Guofan, Zuo Zongtang and Tan Yankai family, and explores the important role of this style in the formation and evolution of modern Hunan calligraphy style and calligraphy study.Time: from February 12 location: hunan museum 6 hall (free) deep Edward Zhou Shaohua exhibition exhibition hook: exhibition is divided into the flow view the universe super to like “and” the spirit of heaven and earth “three parts, except the few works are created in the eighty s and ninety s, many for the new century.Date: until February 20th Venue: Hunan Art Museum (free) Accumulation of Thick Light — 200 Years of Hunan Celebrity Calligraphy ExhibitionExhibition on through literature and characters and story behind the work of digging, comb, traces the history in detail, provide, by the “book” and “people”, let the audience in the appreciation of the pen and ink spirit at the same time, and the life experience and life behind their pen and ink, the print works for stereo feeling, through the years of the history of dialogue with sages,Then get a more vivid artistic feeling.Date: Till March 30th (tentative) Venue: Changsha Art Museum, 5th floor (free open) : Tiger Step In Spring — Li Fenglong Exhibition Exhibition Highlights: As a native of Changsha, Mr. Li Fenglong has a natural familiarity and intimacy with the beliefs, concepts and culture of the three Hunan lands, the natural landscape and its creatures.A number of classic paintings with “tiger” as the theme were exhibited in Changsha Art Museum, which is not only the beautiful home of the artist for the New Year of the Tiger, but also the infiltration of his artistic thinking and artistic creation.Date: to Feb.22 Venue: 4th floor, Changsha Art Museum (open to the public for free)The exhibition displays different versions of MAO Zedong’s works with the value of The Times, as well as the local stories of the red figures in Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan and relevant documents, reflecting the changes of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan in the past hundred years, paying tribute to the great man MAO Zedong and his comrade-in-arms, and paying tribute to all the people who made great efforts for the establishment and construction of the new China.Date: until March 26 Venue: Exhibition Hall, 3rd floor, Changsha Library (open for free) Li Zijian Museum of Art Collection Exhibition Highlights: 600 outstanding works from its collection gathered together for the first time.Focusing on traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, watercolor, sketch, calligraphy, multi-media, installation, children’s works as one of the comprehensive art exhibition, for the Star City changsha, celebrate the Spring Festival, a cultural feast, art feast.Date: until February 15 Venue: Li Zijian Art Museum B1, C1.2.3.4 (open for free) 2021 China-France New Visual Art Exhibition: Twelve Beams of Light ExhibitionTwelve artists from China and France, using “Light” as the medium, read to us their understanding of “light of faith”, tell twelve stories of themselves and “light”, and gather together for “Light of the Moment” dialogue with the audience.Date: Until Feb. 20 Venue: Exhibition Hall 3, 4 and Public Space, 2nd Floor, Xie Zilong Image Art MuseumThe exhibition continues the use collection about traditional Chinese photography collection exhibition, selected from more than a collection of 32 of image restoration in modern China’s social history picture, and invited the 32-bit image works of contemporary artists China photography history across each end of the conversation, the historical images and contemporary one-on-one collocation,Under the same exhibition wall, two works in different time and space will be accepted and interpreted by the audience at the same time.Date: until August 28 Address: Hall 6, 3rd floor, Xie Zilong Image Art Museum Qu Yuan Code ExhibitionThe exhibition hall is designed by Hu Biao, vice chairman of Hunan Design Artists Association and professor at the School of Architecture of Hunan University. It is made into an underwater world composed of a large space and a small space. The presentation of its works and exhibitions provides a focus for the audience to decode their own codes of Qu Yuan in their own minds in the existing texts and in the contemporary context.Date: Until February 27th Address: Hall 9, 1st Floor, Xie Zhilong Image Art Museum (open to the public for free) Ou Jin solo Exhibition: “Candu” Exhibition Hotspot: Artist Ou Jin is an artist with temperance, calm appearance and passionate inner freedom.His works are neither completely abstract nor have a clear realistic direction, thus producing a sense of alienation and self-saturation.In his creation, he never changes some images only slightly, but intercepts “fragments” and “information” in the production process, and leaves the senses and meaning to the audience to construct.He specialises in using machines to paint on layered acrylic plaster surfaces and, with the science-fiction power of a computer program, instructing visual forms to move into the virtual, creating timeless, rigorous images.They illustrate the properties of the materials to be used, but also show a “collective beauty” and “comprehensive power”.Date: until February 28 Venue: 4th floor, Xie Zilong Image Art Museum, Master Hongyi and Master Feng Zikai exhibition Highlights: Both Master Hongyi and Master Feng Zikai have left endless spiritual wealth for the world.In this exhibition, there are more than 100 pieces of calligraphy, paintings, letters and engraved works of the two masters. We hope that you can enjoy the beauty and feel the artistic pursuit of “sound beyond the string” and the artistic spirit of “love is the only way to teach”.Venue: Changsha Sunflower Art Museum Date: Until June 30: Golden Time golden Day · Addiction To Make Music Exhibition Highlights: The interactive digital art light exhibition “Golden Time Golden Day X Addiction to Make Music”, consisting of 11 large-scale works of art, a multi-sensory immersive audio-visual feast, break your traditional perception of art exhibition.Date: until February 27 Venue: Jinmao Yanxiu City (open to the public free of charge)With the joint breakthrough of 18 international top contemporary artists, it presents an unprecedented “art dimension” for us, opening a new immersive experience of watching performances. Hundreds of cross-field collaborative works of art and 1200 square meters of super large exhibition space create an art world that goes beyond dimensions and breaks through three dimensions.Time: to April 10 location: hunan exhibition hall from zhu art space “in the New Year the post office, to share a tiger” art exhibition hook: as the art gallery for the first, the art plan by packaging plan, art exhibition of master, themes, artistic events, present and interpret the results of the five group of artists themselves finishing packaging/works;And through this art package program, open a free dialogue with the public.When: until Feb 28 Where: Changsha IFS L7 Art Gallery (free)