These six signs in the head could be a lung cancer warning. Get checked out

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Abstract: Lung disease is no ailment!Lung is the most important hematopoietic organ in human life, and is also an important respiratory organ to complete the gas exchange and meet the oxygen demand of various organs in human body, so as to maintain human life activities.A healthy average person can hold their breath for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, but when a person does not breathe for a long time, their heart will stop beating. Once the heart stops beating for 5 minutes, it will cause irreversible damage to the brain, and the person will become what is often called a vegetable.Therefore, the lungs, which are responsible for breathing, play a vital role in the activities of our life!But in recent years, lung cancer has been promoted to the first big cancer, who, according to the latest figures: in 2020 new cases of lung cancer, 820000, 710000, means that almost every 1 minutes there was a Chinese people died due to lung cancer, and its mortality and morbidity continues to increase, has become many cancer types of highest incidence of cancer.However, most lung cancer patients are often diagnosed at an advanced stage, because early symptoms are similar to respiratory diseases and are easily ignored. Different lung cancer treatment schemes are also different.Therefore, we must understand the early symptoms, early detection and early treatment!Lung bad head will have warning signal, 6 symptoms that you want to see a doctor!Lung cancer has been known as “silent cancer”, because there is no pain nerve distribution in the lung, once the lung is sick, it is difficult to detect, but some special lung disease, or can have some early symptoms more obvious.The incidence of brain metastasis in headache tumors is 3.5~10%, among which lung cancer brain metastasis is the most common.When lung cancer develops to brain metastasis, there will be headache, epilepsy and other symptoms in the early stage, according to the different lesions will also cause aphasia, ataxia, hemiplegia and other signs.Head fever lung cancer patients at the early stage will have persistent low-grade fever symptoms, temperature hovering between 37-38 degrees Celsius, with the continuous deterioration of the disease, head fever symptoms will continue to worsen.About 2-3 percent of lung cancer patients in China will go to the hospital with fever as the first symptom and finally be diagnosed. When tumor necrosis is absorbed by the body, cancer fever will be caused.When tumor tissue continues to grow and expand in the body, resulting in bronchial openings and blocked lungs, the head can cause fever.This fever can be reduced with antibiotics, but the disease can come and go.The tip of the lung with unilateral eyelid ptosis is located in the important part of the sympathetic plexus in the body. When the lesion has reached the tip of the lung, the sympathetic nerve will be compressed, leading to the symptoms of nerve loss.Typical symptoms include drooping eyelids and narrowing pupils.This condition, also known clinically as Horner syndrome, is typical of apex lung cancer.Facial emaciation arrives when cancer cell develops certain degree, can absorb the nutrition inside the person crazy, and because appetite of pathological changes, cancer patient also can be affected, the major nutrition of human body is plundered by cancer cell, can cause patient body malnutrition and emaciated condition, face especially more apparent.We know that people tend to blush when they’re exercising or when they’re embarrassed, but these are bilateral blushes.In traditional Chinese medicine, the right face corresponds to the lungs of the body. If the right face is red for a long time, it may be that the lungs have lesions.Persistent cough Coughing up sputum is the most common first symptom of lung cancer.Cough accounts for 35-75% of the first symptoms, and expectoration accounts for about 30% of the first symptoms. The cough caused by lung cancer is generally a dry and irritating cough, which cannot be relieved by taking drugs.Due to the rich and weak blood supply in the lesion tissue, cancer cells are easy to invade the trachea or the tumor compresses the trachea.It is easy to cause blood vessels to burst while coughing violently, so patients will also have frequent sputum with bloodshot symptoms.In addition to the above symptoms on the head, lung cancer will also cause patients to appear hoarseness, chest pain, weight loss and chest shortness of breath and other conditions, in fact, lung cancer symptoms in the head is not typical.However, the above symptoms may also be caused by other reasons, therefore, once the body is found to be abnormal, we should try to see a doctor as soon as possible to check clearly, in order to timely deal with.How to identify lung cancer?Early detection, early diagnosis is the key to lung cancer treatment!Since the early symptoms of lung cancer are not obvious, most of the patients were found accidentally in the physical examination of the lung, such as broken glass shadow, nodules.When patients have chest pain, emaciation, hemoptysis and other symptoms to seek medical treatment, this time almost 7-80% have developed to the middle and late stage, which increases the difficulty and burden for the treatment and prognosis of patients.More than 90 percent of the patients can be cured only if they are diagnosed early and treated scientifically.So, how to detect early lung cancer?Regular screening is always an important way to prevent cancer!Clinically, low-dose spiral CT is regarded as the “gold standard” for screening lung cancer. 85% of early peripheral lung cancer can be found through this examination, and the sensitivity of screening for lung cancer is 4 to 10 times that of conventional chest X-ray detection.Low-dose spiral CT scans can detect lung abnormalities in time without exposing the body to too much radiation.It should be noted that early screening of lung cancer is not an “exclusive means” of smoking. In addition to smoking, some high-risk groups should also pay attention to the need to do regular physical examinations.Tobacco is one of the important reasons for the high incidence of lung cancer. In addition to tobacco, age, environmental air pollution, kitchen smoke, family inheritance and long-term occupational exposure are all high-risk risk elements for lung cancer.Low-dose spiral CT is recommended once a year for high-risk individuals and at least once for non-high-risk individuals.If the results are negative, you don’t have to have a CT every year.1. People under 50 years old can be examined once every 5 to 10 years;2. For people aged 50 to 60, it is recommended to have an examination every five years;3. For people aged 60 to 70, the interval is 2 to 3 years.However, the specific frequency of screening should be carried out under the guidance of professional doctors, not blindly a large number of examinations, otherwise it will also bring a burden to physical and mental health.Write at the end: When cancer comes, it often happens in unexpected circumstances.Therefore, in daily life and work, we must pay attention to the body, and timely find physical health abnormalities, once the best timely medical diagnosis, save time to deal with!