The new BMW 3 series is expected to debut in 2022

2022-05-03 0 By

Recently, we obtained road test photos of the new BMW 3 Series from foreign media. The new car will have a more stylish front face design, the interior is replaced with the same curved dual-screen as the I4, and the power aspect will continue the current 2.0T engine, and is expected to carry a 48V light mixing system.The new car is also expected to debut in 2022.According to the exposed spy photos, the new car is equipped with a large number of M sports kits on the exterior, including more dynamic body trim, and large sports rims.The taillight design is basically the same as the cash model, but the styling of the diffuser below and the size of the exhaust liner will be changed.Combined with the previous spy photos, the new car will also be replaced with BMW’s latest dual-screen interior layout, and will carry the latest iDrive 8 car engine system, in human-computer interaction will be improved.In terms of power, the new BMW 3 Series will continue to feature a 2.0-ton engine and is expected to include a 48-volt light hybrid system, as well as plug-in models.(Pacific Auto network yayong)