“What is your greatest weakness?”In an interview, how to answer.Job Interview Tips

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How to answer the interview question, “What is your greatest weakness?”This is a classic question that most people will encounter in an interview.If you do not deal with it well, it may become a “send proposition”.In the second half of this article, Tang ge will share some coping techniques.What is the interviewer really thinking?First of all, we need to understand why the interviewer is asking this question. We need to understand his inner thoughts and the underlying logic, so that we can adapt to different situations.In fact, the interviewer asks this question to test the following dimensions: 1. To see whether the interviewer is competent for the job interview.Does the candidate have a fatal flaw that affects the current job?2. Test your character.Whether the interviewer is sincere, whether he lies, whether he avoids his own questions.3. See if the interviewer can identify themselves.Are candidates aware of their own problems, reflective, and able to see their own shortcomings?Test the interviewer’s adaptability and problem-solving ability.Understand the shortcomings, but also know how to correct, can give solutions to improve the shortcomings.Knowing what the interviewer is thinking, it’s easy to avoid some of the following questions.1. Copy exactly the “standard answers” found on the Internet, do not copy some answers on the Internet, do not modify and adjust.The interviewer can be said to “read a lot of people”, he may have heard a lot of answers, you tell it, but it will appear that you are too routine, not sincere.He should deal with this problem. Many people will turn their weakness into a strength, into a boast.For example, my biggest problem is that I pursue perfection too much and work too hard.Appearing fake will only make the interviewer think you are pretentious.You can have a weakness that may be relevant to the job, but it shouldn’t be critical of the job you are applying for.The key is to know what the core competencies are for the position you are interviewing for.Of course, do not say some and work completely do not take the side of the shortcomings, such as gluttonous, can not cook, like to play games and so on, the answer is equal to no answer, three, how to answer?How to solve the problem?Having said so much, many readers may have had some ideas of their own.That is to say, for this question, can not answer completely truthfully, also can not beat around the bush, blindly avoid.1. Face up to the problem, show a sincere attitude through this question, the interviewer is also testing you, to treat shortcomings is a what kind of attitude, can face up to their own shortcomings.See if you are sincere enough and reflect your own character.Therefore, when expressing, to avoid saying some more hypocritical, more routine words.Being upfront about your weaknesses will show the interviewer that you are more honest and reliable.2. Name a job-related weakness that doesn’t have much impact on your current position.The interviewer wants to know if this weakness has a big impact on the position you are applying for.So, you need to sort out the competencies or qualities that are required for the job, know your responsibilities, and avoid any major pitfalls.For example, the job itself needs to be careful, and if you say your weakness is that you do things carelessly, you will almost certainly be eliminated.This weakness needs to be relevant to the job you’re applying for, but it doesn’t have much impact.Or it can be corrected. There are ways to replace it.For example, if you go for a sales interview, eloquence and communication skills are more important, you should not step on the pit in these places.But when you go for an interview to clean, this weakness will not affect the cleaning, right?For example, if you go to an interview to be an algorithm engineer, and you say that you are poor in math and logical thinking, that is to say that the interview is over in advance.3. Give your improvement plan and demonstrate your ability to solve the problem.You can say something about a weakness that you’re working on, show that you’ve done a lot of introspection, and let the interviewer know that you can fix it.The interviewer also wants to see if you can handle some difficult problems, so you need to give a solution.In short, it is: I have shortcomings, but it does not affect the work, I have corrected, I have a solution.