Since childhood beauty, 50 years old Chu Yin once again incarnated zixia fairy, elegant style has not lost

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What is your most memorable screen image?If you want to say, it is The zixia fairy played by Zhu Yin, that year in the movie “A Chinese Odyssey” at the king of the treasure of the same wink.Blink of an eye clever, gentle my time for many years.So that xiaobian has been zhu yan powder, who let her appearance level is impeccable?Chu Yin has been a perfect beauty since she was a child. Her childhood id photos have the temperament to surpass her peers, and she is still so when she grows up. It can be said that she has grown up to be beautiful.At the age of 11, with her delicate features, she gained attention with her hibiscus of no makeup in an era when beauty cameras and filters were not available.It is said that Huang Guanzhong went to their school performance at that time, to see the audience of Chu Yin, kept feeling: “the light is very dark, but you will see, there is a girl in the dark, she is very beautiful”.It was not until she entered the entertainment industry that Chu played a beautiful schoolgirl in “Truant 2”. With her cheek half covered and her shy face peeping at her sweetheart, she made countless people become heartthrobs, as if her heart would speed up when she smiled.Later, she played the graceful and smart Huang Rong in The Legend of the Condor Heroes, and played the Zixia fairy in A Chinese Odyssey: Wedding of The Great Saint…Chu’s beauty in her heyday has gradually become a hallmark of Hong Kong cinema.In recent years, Chu Yin has also started to appear frequently in variety shows, the double bun looks young and beautiful, not the “old age” of 50.The years only gave her a lot of mature charm, become more attractive, but did not carve any traces of wind and frost erosion, the so-called “frozen age goddess” than this.Chu Yin’s husband Wong Kwon-chung and her parents, are her true “yan fan”.Chu’s parents used to joke: It must be easy to be your makeup artist!Yes, it is beautiful without makeup, why do you need to add extra embellishment?From this point of view, being Joon’s makeup artist is indeed a very easy job.Not long ago, Chu was invited to serve as the “youth Witness” for the 20th anniversary of a Chinese Odyssey. The collaboration between a Chinese Odyssey and the movie “A Chinese Odyssey” was officially launched, and “A Chinese Odyssey mobile Tour” opened the “Chinese Odyssey” for this cooperation.This cooperation, Zhu Yin once again incarnate Zixia fairy.From the official publicity poster, the state is quite good, and we remember the zixia fairy is exactly the same, there is no change, xiaobian has long silence of youth DNA is also a hard move.After the opening of the new service “A Chinese Odyssey”, there will be 3 super celebrations in the game at 19:30 on the 7th day, 15th day and 30th day respectively.The first celebration included iPhone 13 Pro 256GB, Mi Sweeping machine 1T, the blind box combination of “Social Squatting” image of Dahua Westward Journey and the United States Dahua Westward Journey co-branded electric teapot.Second celebration to send out a Chinese Odyssey sovereign treasure xiangyun hand do seven colors, a Chinese Odyssey, tang’s monk only you hands do, fish dragon dance summoning and a Chinese Odyssey “social squat” image blind box, the third a celebration will take in hand to do, a Chinese Odyssey, tang’s monk & ox demon much manpower to do a Chinese Odyssey, millet air purifier x beauty joint rice cooker and other physical gifts!Players who complete reincarnation in the first 15 days will also have the chance to get 5 yuan, 20 yuan and 100 yuan in random cash red packets. This wave of wool is directly collected to fly.Have to say that Athena chu of purple xia pretty woman too classic image, the influence is too big, that has become everyone’s heart is like the existence of the “white moonlight” generally, so the mobile game, “a Chinese Odyssey” the collaboration offering such a blockbuster welfare activities is not surprising, small make up also can’t help to send a few, want to join the big hand play home army of carnival.