Notice of Kongtong Ancient Town

2022-05-13 0 By

Dear tourists, Good morning!Due to the recent snowfall in a large area of the city, in order to further strengthen the epidemic prevention work in guzhen Park and effectively protect the personal safety of tourists, Pingliang Culture and Tourism Investment Group decided to suspend night activities such as “bonfire party” from now on.Please pay attention to the relevant notice for the specific resumption time of night activities.During the day, activities such as the Lunar New Year’s Goods fair, folk karaoke, blessing gongs and drums, Shehuo show, and seven days of music for opera fans were carried out normally.Only four entrances (east gate, west gate, south gate and north gate) will be reserved for Kongtong Ancient Town Park, and the other entrances will be closed. Please pay attention to your personal safety when traveling in the daytime.Tips: When entering the park, keep a social distance of at least 1 meter, take the initiative to cooperate with temperature measurement, code scanning and other epidemic prevention measures, wear a mask, and do your own safety protection.The above requirements, please understand, support and actively cooperate with the majority of visitors!Happy New Year to you all!Pingliang Cultural Tourism Industry Investment Group Co., LTD. February 5, 2022