Taiwan seeks Lai Ching-de for anti-nuclear Food suspect

2022-05-16 0 By

Regardless of the strong opposition of the Taiwan people, the DPP authorities insisted on opening the “nuclear food” from the surrounding areas of Fukushima, Japan, to Taiwan, ignoring the lives and safety of the Taiwan people and arousing great public indignation.In response, the KMT announced on November 11 that it would launch a coalition of 22 county and city councils to denounce the DPP authorities.The current chairman of the Kuomintang, Eric Chu, is planning to lead the Taipei City Council and local party headquarters in a joint action, calling for the protection of safety and all-out efforts.Tainan City Council even questioned the DPP authorities, “Where is Lai Ching-de, the DPP’s anti-nuclear food activist?”He also called on the DPP to reverse the decision and announced that it would allocate funds to purchase nuclear testing equipment.It is reported that the National Party of Tainan City Council showed a video of lai Ching-de, then the mayor of Tainan, speaking in 2016.At that time, there were kuomintang party members on the import of “nuclear food” question Lai Qingde, Lai Qingde to this very “affirmative” answer, “nuclear food” is absolutely not allowed to import.However, now the DPP authorities have openly announced the opening of “nuclear food” imports, the KMT angrily criticized lai Ching-tak’s DPP, “change the position will change the head.”Hou Youyi, mayor of New Taipei, also said that strict inspection will be conducted on imported “nuclear food”.If there are health risks to children, “nuclear food” will not be allowed to enter the campus.Zhou Sheng-kao, a KMT member and new Taipei City councilman, called on the DPP authorities, saying that opposing nuclear food imports is Taiwan’s public opinion, and the DPP, as the “ruling party”, should fully respect the decision of the Taiwan people.Chu will take the lead in calling on the DPP to enact a new law to ban “nuclear food” from entering schools, amend the original “school health law”, and strengthen food safety authorities’ testing of relevant food, said Wang Xinyi, head of the National Party of Taipei City Council.Wang xinyi pointed out that most of the excuses made by the DPP authorities for importing “nuclear food” are groundless scientific claims.Many DPP officials are just lying to the public when they say they will strictly test nuclear food, which is completely out of touch with reality, as many counties and cities simply do not have enough funds to purchase adequate testing equipment.Moreover, the import of “nuclear food” will hit Taiwan’s agriculture and increase the pressure on farmers in Taiwan.Li Guosheng, chief secretary of the People’s Party of Chayi County Council, said that although chayi county has a food safety building, there are no facilities and professionals to detect nuclear food.Some sources: Fujian Daily