Wow!!!!Guangxi Health Code launches online “abnormal feedback” function

2022-05-20 0 By

Health code is an important digital means for epidemic prevention and control.In order to carefully listen to the voice of the masses, timely understand the needs of the masses, and improve the service quality of Guangxi Health Code, the Autonomous Region Big Data Development Bureau, relying on the Integrated platform of Guangxi epidemic prevention and control management, based on the needs of the masses, has continuously improved and officially launched the online interactive function of “abnormal feedback” on Guangxi Health Code.By building an “online and offline” two-way communication bridge, we respond to the public’s demands for abnormal problems in health code service in the first time, and improve the “satisfaction” of the public with “warm” service.The “abnormal feedback” function of the Guangxi Health Code online can help people solve the operation problems of COVID-19 vaccines, health code status, health code cancellation, health code on behalf of the people, nucleic acid testing and other aspects.The masses themselves can give online feedback through the “abnormal feedback” function on the homepage of Guangxi Health Code.The specific steps are as follows: open “Guangxi Health Code”, click “Abnormal feedback”, select the option of “Abnormal Health code Appeal”, carefully fill in personal information and feedback items, and independently appeal for abnormal health code (or on behalf of the appeal).In “My Feedback”, you can check the feedback information and disposal progress over time.After receiving suggestions for handling abnormal health code feedback from the people within the jurisdiction, relevant departments of the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters at all levels should handle and give feedback within 24 hours in principle to ensure that abnormal problems raised by the people are effectively solved.