Today rain | remind everybody: cold wind, prevent seasonal febrile diseases in spring

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Spring breeze blowing, snow and ice melt, the air moist, rain increased, rain solar term, to.At this time the less rainy winter has passed, rain began, and rainfall gradually increased.Folk often say: “the spring gradually warm, rain fat busy.”Poet Du Fu also said: good rain knows the season, when spring is happening.The wind into the night, moisten things silently.In the meantime, the frozen soil becomes shallow, and the surface of the soil becomes frozen at night, and begins to return pulp, which is conducive to the green growth of wheat and other crops.Spring breeze spring rain flower eye, jiangbei Jiangnan water days.– (Song) Huang Tingjian “Yuan Ming rhyme send by” excerpts from a night light thunder fall wan Silk, ji light floating Wabi uneven.There are three phenology phenomena of rain solar term: “one hou Rex offering fish, two hou swan goose, three hou vegetation germinating”.The otter begins to catch fish, laying them on the shore as if they were sacrificed before they were eaten;After about five days, wild geese begin to fly back to the north from the south;Four or five days later, in the “moistening silent” spring rain, vegetation began to sprout.Since then, the land has gradually taken on a thriving scene.People can not only feel the mild sunshine in spring, the refreshing breeze on the face, drizzly rain, but also appreciate the climatic characteristics of hot and cold in early spring.Health care should be careful to avoid the wind, cold and rain solar terms of health care, should not violate the basic requirements of spring health care.First, we should prevent cold and keep warm, keep Yang and protect Yang, and prevent all kinds of external factors from damaging Yang.”Spring in March”, “rain” solar term is still in early spring, Yang qi just began to rise, all things in nature just began to sprout vitality, Yin cold gas has not completely subsided.The human body is also at the beginning of the alternating season, especially at this time should pay attention to Yang Yang, to prevent the cold wave or cold cold invasion.Daily people should be cold and warm, do not take clothes too early, do not eat cold diet, to pay attention to food hygiene.At the same time, to adapt to the changes in the timing and spring bloom of vitality, appropriate early rise, pay attention to regular work and rest.Second, we should strengthen protection, carefully avoid wind and cold, prevent the occurrence of spring fever and a variety of diseases.Spring in the five elements corresponding to the wood, and wood is easy to wind, wind evil easy to hurt, for the “long disease”.Spring is conducive to the growth and development of all things, but also conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria.From time to time, more conducive to a variety of viruses of evil, the spread of infectious disease and epidemics, also easy to cause disease of heart head blood-vessel, digestive tract disease or skin lesions, such as influenza, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, pneumonia, hepatitis, enteritis, mumps, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and so on, we must strengthen their own protection, pay attention to exercise and improve immunity.Three must adjust sentiment, raise liver protect liver.At this time, there is more rain, Yin cold gas still exists, a year of study and work plan just began to implement, pressure, busy work, easy to lead to liver drainage dysfunction, liver gallbladder and other digestive system diseases are prone to occur, we should pay attention to adjust and ease their feelings, keep cheerful mood, pay attention to nourishing liver and protecting liver.Four to diet, take care of the spleen and stomach.Spring in the spicy, bitter, sweet, sour, salty corresponding in the acid, so the diet should eat less acerbity things, appropriate spicy with sweet, or spicy fragrance and cool food, or sweet and sex is lukewarm food.Food options: leek, lily, spring bamboo shoots, potatoes, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, Cabbage, moss, radish, celery, spinach, shepherd’s purse, etc.Medicine optional yam, red date, Sand ginseng, wolfberry, chrysanthemum, kudzu root, tremella, black fungus class;Congee optional yam congee, Dangshen astragalus jujube congee, American ginseng bamboo leaves japonica rice congee.This diet not only nourishing liver qi, but also tonifying spleen and stomach qi, in order to adapt to the vigorous vitality day by day.Of course, diabetics should not eat porridge, should not eat sweet things.In addition, we should always pay attention to eat clean, safe, balanced and appropriate food.Text collection: from Health China editor: Ma Yongping Review: Shuimu Fly Song production: Fumian District Rong Media Center submission email: When you receive 0771-12340 poll telephone survey of the satisfaction of the sense of security of the masses, please be patient to answer, objective, fair answer, for peace Fumian construction praise.Kapok open well-being yan Mian END tell a good fumian story spread fumian 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