The post is sent to people and the whole process of service. Taizhou town breaks the “recruitment siphon” with “precise recruitment”

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On March 31, Taizhou Xinghua City Zhouzhuang town industrial park, Weisi new materials Taizhou Co., LTD production workshop.Looking at the continuous operation of the production line, general manager Xu Ling has been hanging in the heart of the big stone finally fell down.After the Spring Festival, coupled with the epidemic, Weisi once faced a shortage of manpower.After receiving the help, the local government helped to draw up recruitment plans and contact human resources and social security departments, and more than 10 newly recruited employees were soon on the job after training.The crisis of the enterprise was lifted, but the Party committee government of Zhouzhuang town smelled a bigger crisis.At present, Xinghua stands at a new starting point of “over 100 billion yuan” and is taking project construction as the “key move” to achieve “stability first and progress in stability”.Located in the city’s main project construction battlefield “two areas and three parks”, in attracting large projects, good service enterprises, Zhouzhuang town is obviously duty-bound.And help enterprises recruit workers, is the town first need to face the answer.Ji Jinlou, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhouzhuang Town, said that looking around the town, in the east is “China’s stainless steel town” Dainan, in the west is Yangzhou Jiangdu District, in the south is Jiangyan District Yuduo town, in the north is Chenbao town, the industrial economy is not weak, the resulting “labor siphon” phenomenon is more serious.How to solve the problem?A recruitment team consisting of more than 20 party members from the Economic development Bureau, women’s federations, trade unions, schools and villages was quickly set up, Shouting out the “recruitment slogan” is: if you want to work, you can work at home, help to find a desired job.Reporter noticed that behind shout slogan “hire”, lies in the town in the enterprise employee and highlight the precise matching between the villagers’ employment: use of the Spring Festival holiday passengers more features, such as organization members volunteers in schools, supermarkets, farmers’ markets and places of stream put recruitment exhibition stand, brochures, town WeChat synchronous push public, enterprise introduction, post information;The recruitment teams organize enterprise recruiters and village cadres to promote recruitment information in villages and carry out “one-to-one” recruitment to deliver jobs to households and people.Is the most let people relish, facing the enterprise intention for salary, working environment thought concerns, such as the recruitment team also contact village party members and cadres, in whom the heart-to-heart talks, mobilizing enterprises outstanding staff “appearing”, whole process service to apply for team members, to fully support logistics enterprise recruitment work.At present, the effect has begun to show, the intention of more than 320 people.Service enterprises, “excellent” endless.Zhou Zhuang town mayor Ren Huaiping said, the next will also launch a “return visit system”, through door-to-door, telephone and other ways to each enterprise new recruitment staff return visit, pay, work environment and other aspects to listen to the aspirations of employees, guide the enterprise “treatment to retain people, career to retain people, feelings to retain people”.”The second phase of our project is progressing steadily, mainly producing functional film for new energy power batteries and functional film materials for electronic products.After the completion of the project, it is expected to realize an annual output value of 500 million yuan and tax revenue of 20 million yuan.”Xu ling said that the team will be contacted in advance to reserve a number of employees for the completion and operation of the project.Xinhua Daily · Intersection reporter Dong Xin correspondent Yuan Chunwei Dai Kaiyun