Forgive before going to bed and wake up without asking about the past

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The only thing that can hold you back in this world is your heart.Positive heart sunshine, life is warm and genial;When the heart is dark, life is dark.All read, see light, not tired.Just as the saying goes, “See the world with a clean heart, live with a happy heart, feel with a common heart, and remove obstacles with a soft heart.”Things follow the heart, the environment created by the heart.In a few short decades, if we want peace and quiet, the only thing we have to do is to forgive before going to bed and wake up without asking about the past.Learn to adjust, the heart is not tired.Life in the world, there will always be a variety of unpleasant and unhappy.No matter how hard we try, we can’t be perfect.In this case, might as well adjust themselves, straighten out the mentality.Only by convincing yourself, it is possible to let go of the past and collide with the future.No matter how short life is, we have to laugh at everything, that is not worth living.I have seen such a story.Two colleagues are sitting chatting. One asks, “What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?”Another said, “It’ll be my kind of weather.”The man asked, “How do you know it’s just the weather you like?”As a result, the colleague said, “I find that circumstances don’t always go my way, so I’m happy with what comes my way.So tomorrow’s weather will be just what I like.”Life is no different.The sky is always covered with clouds, the road is always rough thorns, we never know which tomorrow or accident will come first.Therefore, do not confine the heart to one side of the world, is the most appropriate attitude towards life.The mentality is a little more open, the vision is a little more long-term, live a life that does not care about, you will have a more calm life.As the saying goes, “behind bad luck comes good luck.”Difficulties are challenges, setbacks are growth, and disappointments are opportunities.People in this life, the mentality of the right, everything will be smooth.Everyone has some very difficult moments in life.The trough of work, the distress of life, the frustration of emotion, the pressure of study……In this world, not all reasonable and good, can be according to their own wishes exist or come true.Unavoidably regret, unavoidably disappointed.This is more we need to learn to let go of their own, after laughing and crying, see light relief.Can’t control things, just follow fate, believe that God has its own arrangements;Those who are hard to retain, let go and bless in their hearts;Go out of the road, change the direction, there is always their own way.Past zero, love and hate at will, to live up to every present.Life is full of ups and downs, but despair is absolutely useless.Rather, smile and make peace with life.What kind of attitude you use to treat life, life will give back to you in a kind of way.A writer once said, “If there is no escape, it is better to rejoice;Since there is no pure land, as meditation;Since we didn’t get what we wanted, let it go.”Life in the world, even if the fate is bad, as long as you know how to timely zero sadness, happiness is not far away from you.Have what kind of mentality, will have what kind of life.To believe that there is no life can not be past, the heart of the sun, there will be a bright future.For the rest of my life, I hope we can have a positive and optimistic attitude, and pave the way through mountains and rivers.Source: Xinhua News Agency, inspirational quotations editor: Su Wen Proofread: Wang He Nan Supervisor: Zhao Jialin Announced the list of 64 new confirmed cases a day!This ground epidemic situation again escalation again appeared, this thing must not buy again!The epidemic is on the rise in Canada.The death penalty!The state has intervened!There are no insurmountable obstacles in life!