Recreational riding ceiling!Set deer carbon fiber bicycle: the so-called top, is to do the details to the extreme

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What is “detail”?In Baidu Encyclopedia, details are explained as small matters that play a key role, while management master Wang Zhongqiu explains “details” like this in his business management academic monograph details Determine Success or failure: The essence of details is a serious and persistent attitude towards life and a scientific and rigorous spirit of innovation.It can be said that every amazing work, zoom in to see every detail is also perfect.On the other hand, it is the perfection of every detail that makes the best work.Just like the deer carbon fiber bicycle, known as the “ceiling” of urban leisure cycling, it takes care of every detail to create outstanding quality.Jilu carbon fiber bicycle is specially made of aerospace grade carbon fiber, a high-end material that is 7-9 times stronger than steel but weighs only 1/4 of steel. Due to its excellent properties, carbon fiber is widely used in aerospace and military fields.And jilu bicycle is highly carbon fiber up to 95%, so its weight is less than 7 kg, adults can easily lift with one hand, riding is also more lightweight.And the car seat also specially selected PVC material, larger area, more soft.In addition, Carbon fiber bicycles also use the Gates Carbon Drive™ Carbon fiber pulley drivetrain, which is the world’s 40-year synchronization belt technology ceiling, and is commonly used in cars, motorcycles and other fields.Compared with ordinary stainless steel car chain, carbon fiber belt lubricating oil free maintenance, clean, and riding is not as fierce friction as the chain drive, very quiet when running, at the same time, the pedal does not leak, transmission efficiency is higher.More importantly, the carbon fiber belt is strong and durable. A single belt can lift a 4-ton forklift truck, making it more durable.In terms of body structure design, Jilu carbon fiber bicycle adopts unique combined carbon fiber frame structure technology, which can effectively absorb vibration during cycling, alleviate the rigidity of the frame, and bring more comfortable riding.Moreover, the carbon fiber rims used in deer bicycles can be up to 240℃ in high temperature, far higher than the 130℃ in the line. Long-distance braking is more stable and safer.In order to achieve the ultimate portability, set deer carbon fiber bicycle also specially chooses the ring brake, compared with disc brake, this can be 200-500g lighter, and the ring brake is easier to adjust, feel more smooth, safety is relatively high.Finally, the appearance of the details of the treatment, set deer is also not ignored.Set deer carbon fiber bicycle for calm low-key bright black color, cool carbon fiber three-dimensional texture covering the vehicle, appears science fiction noble gas, at the same time, the use of metal bright silver labeling process, very texture, light luxury style.Every pursuit of the ultimate heart, are high requirements for self.Whether it is the shape, frame design or the control system, Jilu bicycle has achieved the extreme, even the sticker on the car.Only by carefully treating every detail, can we climb to the top and stand out from the crowd!Set deer carbon fiber urban light riding, worthy of the bicycle aristocrat, the peak of leisure riding.