Auspicious Tiger welcomes Spring Festival: “Fast Xuzhou Le zaiyun Dragon” 2022 Spring Festival cultural tour activity starts

2022-05-27 0 By

Gongs and drums noisy New Year, tiger jump auspicious blessing.On January 30, the launch ceremony of the 2022 Spring Festival cultural tourism activity “Happy Xuzhou In Yunlong” was held in Cuijia Xiang, Hubushan. The event was jointly organized by the Yunlong District Committee, the district government, xuzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau.Moonlight market of Cui Jia Lane, lanterns, sugar painting, rubbing, paper cutting…Everywhere I looked, New Year’s memories of my childhood came back.At the launching ceremony, the Yunlong District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau released the featured cultural travel activities online and offline during the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival holiday.Including the Han culture scenic spot “folk culture yao Peng City, National tide Han Wind Chinese Year”, Hubu Mountain “Custom Culture Festival”, Huilongwo “WOW Wan City Fair “New Year market, aimed to guide citizens to spend the Spring Festival on the spot, enrich people’s holiday life, let Xuzhou people travel to Xuzhou, in Yunlong experience the most Xuzhou memory of the Han Wind Chinese year.MAO Hongwei, Party Secretary and director of Hubushan (Huilongwo) Historical And Cultural District Management Center of Xuzhou City: We will organize and carry out colorful activities such as the Spring Festival goods fair, the Annual folk culture Festival and intangible cultural heritage show, so that citizens can have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.At the same time, we must do a good job in all aspects of epidemic prevention and control.In addition, during the activity, “Tesco Yunlong” consumer coupons will be issued to citizens to activate consumption potential and create a good consumer atmosphere.Li Jing, deputy director of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Yunlong District: We will issue consumer vouchers for six brands, such as Changyou Yunlong, Pillow Dream Yunlong and Search for Flavor Yunlong, to drive the development of cultural and tourism industry and promote cultural and tourism consumption.Xu Shi Rong media reporter Zhang Chenye Guo Ruiyu editor: Cao Jun