Ah-ra has become the “pick-up line master”. See how he does it?

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to students’ Comics. I am the author and students will take you into the world of comics.The way of expression is gradually formed with the development of language expression.Modern writing study and put forward “expression” this concept, the failure again today what funny things, we stay tuned, there are many kinds of mobile phone unlock way, such as sliding unlock scratchable latex unlock, o failure think these are too weak to unlock way, then took out his mobile phone and said “I am the wind restoring ancient ways entity mobile phone to unlock,Cow bar “big face younger sister saw a decline of the mobile phone petrified, I saw a decline of the mobile phone actually have a real big lock to lock up!Ah Shuai pointed to the watch and asked, “Beauty, excuse me, I’d like to ask you the time. How far is it from the third quarter of noon?” Zhuang Ku heard it and thought to himself: the third quarter of noon?Decollation?A decline to take a book to continue to chat up “wow, beauty, your rhubarb tooth good white, excuse me with what brand of shoe oil brush?”One side of the big face younger sister a black line.Ok, this is the end of the cartoon, see you next time want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the student cartoon Ah shuai failed the exam, mobile phone can not recognize!Ah-ra wants to find auxiliary touch. See how it works?