Changping 2021 retail drugstore classification assessment completed 171 drugstores were rated Samsung more assured

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In order to strengthen the standardized management of drug retail enterprises and accurately maintain the order of drug market, Changping District Market Supervision Bureau will carry out dynamic supervision on retail pharmacies according to business classification and risk classification every year.Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that recently, the bureau completed the 2021 annual retail drugstore classification and assessment work.At present, there are 416 retail pharmacies that have obtained drug Business License in Changping District. In 2021, 31 pharmacies are rated as level 3 risk, 167 as level 2 risk, 171 as level 1 risk, and 47 enterprises have not been assessed due to suspension of business or new establishment.Consumers will be able to choose a more secure pharmacy according to the blue signs hanging in the store.Located in The North ring road of Changping District, Jingchang Pharmaceutical chain Management Co., LTD. Ji Rentang pharmacy was rated as “A★★★” enterprise in 2021.”Different letters represent different categories of business.According to the enterprise business scope, pharmaceutical technical personnel configuration, site facilities and equipment, information management ability and other factors, retail pharmacies are classified and managed.Among them, class A stores can apply to handle all drugs that can be sold in drug retail enterprises;Category B stores are limited to drugs that must be sold by prescription and other drugs of Traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces;Class C stores are limited to class B over-the-counter drugs.”Liang Jianzhen, deputy chief of the department of Pharmaceutical Supervision of Changping District Market Supervision Bureau, said consumers who need to buy drugs can choose retail pharmacies according to the blue signs hanging in pharmacies.The star standard is mainly for enterprise risk grading management.Among them, was rated as a level 3 risk (★) is the depth of supervision of the enterprise.Changping District Market Supervision Bureau will regard it as a key monitoring enterprise throughout the year, carry out high-frequency supervision, covering inspection at least once a month, and carry out comprehensive inspection of its drug management at any time according to the daily supervision situation;Increase the intensity and frequency of in-flight inspection, off-peak inspection and targeted sampling inspection;For the risks and hidden dangers found, measures such as interviewing legal representatives, publicizing illegal records and warning yellow cards shall be taken.Rated as a secondary risk (★★) is the key regulatory enterprises.District Market Supervision bureau carries out high frequency supervision on such enterprises, covering inspection at least once every quarter, and timely carrying out flight inspection, special inspection, tracking inspection and targeted sampling inspection.Rated as a level of risk (★★★) for general supervision of enterprises, the district Market supervision bureau to moderate frequency supervision of such enterprises, at least every half a year to cover the inspection.Learned, changping district market regulator will organize each year to jurisdictions that have made the pharmaceutical trade license of retail pharmacies implementing classified management, for the new start of drug retail enterprises in strict accordance with the current entry criteria and newly revised GSP related request permission, after get the pharmaceutical trade license is included in the classified management system.Next, the bureau will classify the classification evaluation results into the daily supervision files, the use of flight inspection, wrong peak inspection and other ways to increase the level of risk enterprises inspection and frequency, at the same time to strengthen targeted sampling, further standardize the market order.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Wei Correspondent Wang Xingyue photo/Wang Xingyue editor/Tan Weiping