Yu Shankun: From a spinning factory worker to a guest actor, I have big dreams

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March 24 news (reporter Wang Tian) from working in a spinning factory to become a guest actor, the 30-year-old Young Man Yu Shankun has been emphasizing in front of the camera that he could realize his dream so close to home.The establishment of Oriental Movie Metropolis activated the seeds of his dream as an actor that had been buried in his heart for many years. He summed up the four years of pursuing his dream in the movie Metropolis with “happiness, fulfillment and happiness”.In March 2018, yu shankun quit his job at the factory and arrived at the Movie Metropolis, dragging his luggage after learning that the movie Metropolis would soon open.”I think I was born to like movies and TV shows. I have been imitating the performances of characters in movies and TV series since I was young, and I have always had such a seed in my heart.I knew how hard it was to be an actor, so I did something else, but the thought kept coming back to me.Yu Shankun said that he was particularly excited that the film and television base should be built here. He felt that the opportunity had finally come, and he had to try it at home.I am the only one who wants to be an actor. My family thinks I am crazy.With the love of performance and their own talent, Yu Shankun only half a month to do group performance, seized the opportunity to become a guest actor, salary also rose a lot.Now, he can shoot more than 10 days a month. He can earn more than 10,000 yuan a month in the peak season and several thousand yuan in the off-season. He has no problem living here.”I have not achieved my dream 100 percent, but I have taken the first step.I will stick to it because I like it.”He said that after staying here for a long time, he has more and more resources. When he is not filming, he will also work in the crew to do lighting, props and field affairs, which can not only get familiar with all aspects of filming, but also increase his income. His work and life are very fulfilling.Opportunities only come to those who are prepared. Behind “luck” is the accumulation and training of one role after another.From participating in Mr. Five Stars directed by Xie Mengwei, to bo Yicao’s servant in The Trilogy of Gods, from the judge of the talk show in “Design”, the barista in “Trace”, to the classmate of li Guangjie, the male protagonist in “Meet Happiness”…Yu Shankun frankly said that some opportunities are impossible to meet.In his spare time, he has been constantly improving his acting skills and lines. While increasing the amount of film reading, he will also try to learn the performances of excellent actors, just to miss any opportunity.As he took more and more roles, his family’s attitude toward his work as an actor changed.”They would stay in front of the TV and watch clips of me coming on. It was a bit of a badge of honor for them.I am making good money, so I support me to continue.Speaking of the development and changes of the movie Metropolis, Yu Shankun said that both the software and hardware and the supporting facilities are becoming more and more perfect.The treatment of group performances is also improving, and actors like him can now reimburse themselves for taking a taxi when they go out to shoot.For the future, Yu Shankun said, he will not go to other places to film, just want to stay in the film capital.”I don’t like to be adrift, and I have quality of life requirements.I want to stay here and continue to work one step at a time.Statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com