Break the proof!The winter Olympics flag-raiser tears, straight to the hearts of the people: clear love, only for China

2022-06-05 0 By

As a large-scale international sports event held every four years, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has not only been a feast for athletes from all over the world, but also attracted the attention of netizens from all over the world.China produces must-have products. Like the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the opening ceremony of this Year’s Beijing Winter Olympics has once again become a classic in Olympic history.As people focused on the snow and ice events, one image was trending on social media.The reporter caught a touching moment during the flag-raising part of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Break the proof!Winter Olympics flag-raiser tears, straight to the heart of the people: clear love, only for China!When the exciting national anthem sounded, the five-star red flag was slowly rising, the winter Olympics flag-raiser stood tall and looked up at the national flag, a pair of clear eyes already filled with tears.A line of tears then rolled down the cheeks of the flag-raiser in what became a classic moment in Beijing’s opening ceremony, and in Olympic history as a whole.In 1938, ai Qing, a modern poet, wrote a modern poem “I love this Land”. I believe you are familiar with the last two lines of the poem: “Why do my eyes always contain tears?Because I love this land so much…”These two poems perfectly explain the mood when the flag raiser tears in the Winter Olympics!No matter what time it is, every Chinese is proud of our motherland.Now we China is walking on the road to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, when we see the five-star red flag flying in the wind, the winter Olympics flag-raiser is naturally excited.The weeping scene of the flag-raiser for the Winter Olympics also touched the hearts of Chinese people, and many netizens expressed their disappointment.When I saw the flag-raiser crying in the Winter Olympics, I couldn’t help crying.Some netizens directly shouted Chen xiangrong’s inspiring slogan, “Clear love, only for China!”Just like the weeping flag-raisers of the Winter Olympics, the national flag guards are protecting the red flag in their hearts with their lives.When we see our motherland getting better and better, the pride of our people arises spontaneously in our hearts. Every Chinese knows this taste!Finally, I wish the Beijing Winter Olympic Games a complete success, and look forward to our Chinese athletes competing to bring more wonderful ice and snow sports feast for the Chinese people.The athletes who win glory for the country are good, refueling China team!