Pit pickling, shocking!315 evening exposure dark pickled cabbage, Master Kong really used

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Barefoot on sauerkraut, smoking while working, frantically adding preservatives…This year 315 party exposure of a pickled cabbage enterprises in Hunan production process, shocking.The companies involved include hunan Jiaqi Food Industry, Hunan Jinrui and other food processing companies.According to reports, pickled cabbage produced by companies such as Hunan Jiaqi Vegetable Industry and Hunan Jinrui is partly pickled in pits on nearby farms.On its website, Hunan Jiaqi says its partners include KFC, Master Kong and wugu Fishery powder.According to media reports in 2013, Hunan Huaqi Vegetable industry is also a raw material supplier of well-known enterprises such as Uni-President, Jinmailang and White Elephant.All this makes consumers nervous.(Screenshot from a news report in 2013) Instant noodle companies were shot on The night of March 15, relevant companies issued an emergency statement.In response, KFC said hunan Huaqi vegetable is not a KFC supplier and has no relationship with KFC.White Elephant’s official weibo account stated that it has never cooperated with hunan Vegetable industry.Then, today Mailang also said that after big data tracing, has never been exposed with the pickled cabbage production enterprises have cooperation.Uni-president and Master Kong cannot escape harassment.Uni-president Enterprises China Holding Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Uni-President”) responded in a statement that night, saying that it would immediately terminate hunan Jingrui’s supplier qualification, seal up all the products involved and prepare for quality testing.Since December 2012, Hunan Jiaqi Vegetable Industry has ceased to be the company’s raw material supplier of pickled cabbage buns.In the early morning of March 16, Time Weekly reporters obtained a statement from master Kong.The statement acknowledged hunan Huaqi vegetable as one of the pickled cabbage suppliers.Tingyi has immediately established a working group to take the most stringent measures and cooperate with the government regulatory authorities in the investigation and testing of relevant enterprises and products.”This incident was a management error by the company, which betrayed the trust of consumers.”In a statement, Uni-President and Master Kong apologized.On the evening of March 15, many e-commerce platforms could not search for laotan pickled cabbage related products.Tingyi’s tmall e-commerce flagship store has also removed laotan pickled cabbage beef noodle products.The official website of Hunan Huaqi vegetable industry is no longer accessible.That night, the united official website deleted the previous first statement, reissued a second statement.Laotan sauerkraut beef noodle is its flagship product, the statement said. Uni-president has a strict internal supervision system for the product, and sauerkraut is self-pickled and not allowed to be purchased.The full text of the second statement did not appear hunan Jinrui Company.Lao tan sauerkraut “falling off the altar” Lao tan sauerkraut is a real Internet celebrity explosion, but also the standard of instant noodle enterprises.In 2008, Uni-President took Lao Tan sauerkraut noodles as its main product and made every effort to promote them to the national market, and invited Wang Han to be the spokesperson, which was a blockbuster and saw a surge in sales.After that, master Kong and other instant noodle companies have also launched Lao Tan pickled cabbage products.For a time, Lao Tan sauerkraut instant noodles become instant noodle enterprises “standard”.And catering enterprises have fallen in love with Lao Tan sauerkraut, spawning a huge new market of sauerkraut and fish.Now, the old altar pickled cabbage fell down the altar.A video released on March 15 shows a reporter following a truck from hunan’s vegetable industry and finding a pit of pickled pickled cabbage in a nearby farmland.The workers, some wearing slippers, some barefoot, stepped on the sauerkraut, some even smoke while working, cigarette ends directly into the sauerkraut.When these pickled vegetables were acquired by Hunan Inserted flag vegetable industry, hunan inserted flag vegetable industry did not test the sanitary indicators.In the investigation, the reporter also found that due to the pickle time is short, after packaging, one or two months will be black and rotten, in the process of processing sometimes excessive amount of preservatives.Tianyan App shows that Hunan Jiaqi vegetable industry is involved in a number of legal lawsuits, including product liability disputes, labor disputes, etc.Double random inspection information shows that in October 2021, the company’s food production safety supervision and inspection found problems to be dealt with later.In addition to hunan flag vegetable industry, Yueyang Junshan District Yayuan pickles food factory, Hunan Jinrui also receive farmers in the pits of pickled cabbage, and these pits of pickled cabbage production sanitary conditions are very poor, even with feathers, cigarette butts.It is worth noting that in media reports in 2013, Hunan Jiaqi Food was named as the largest vegetable reprocessing enterprise in Huarong County, Hunan Province.In the aseptic packaging workshop, where more than 1,400 employees are busy, small packets of flavor called Lao Tan Pickled cabbage bao line up on the assembly line, the report said.The company has 50 modern mustard processing production lines, 3 automatic high temperature sterilization production lines.Less than ten years, Hunan flag vegetable industry from aseptic factory into a black workshop?Yan Qinwu is the legal representative of the company, according to Tianyan.But according to media reports, after calling the corresponding wechat number under the name “Yan Qinwu”, the other person said: “NOW I have no job. You need someone who is working. I have retired.”Source: The Times