Teachers and students of Sichuan Normal University of Technology participated in the training of public safety ability improvement and emergency rescue for provincial college students

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Recently, by sichuan Youth Social Education Service Center, Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu Chenghua Red Cross district jointly organized the university students public safety ability enhancement tripartite activities held in Sichuan Red Cross Emergency Rescue Training Base (Chenghua), to improve the awareness and ability of university students to deal with emergencies.Promote the province’s first aid education and social practice of college students, create the province’s colleges and universities in the new era of civilized practice “help” at the side of the service scene, and constantly enhance the comprehensive quality education of college students in the new era.Deng Xu, member of the Standing Committee of Chengdu Chenghua District Committee and Chairman of The District Federation of Trade Unions, Tang Lin, Director of Sichuan Youth Social Education Service Center, Sun Jinde, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Engineering, Xiao Suguang, vice president of the School of Engineering, Ren Xiang, professor of the Department of Safety Engineering and other students attended the activity.Sun Kim deok around the significance of the event, the purpose and the school safety education situation made a live speech.He mentioned that the licensing of the Sichuan Youth Emergency rescue Knowledge Training Base and the Public Safety Social Practice Workshop are important measures to implement the Party’s education policy, firmly establish and fully practice the overall concept of national security, and implement the Guidelines for National Security Education in Universities, primary and secondary schools.The joint efforts of the three parties to improve the safety ability of college students are of great significance to further implement the Party’s education policy and overall national security concept, thoroughly implement the guiding principles of safety education, and promote the systematic, standardized and scientific development of national safety education in schools and colleges.Then, our school signed a tripartite cooperation agreement with The Sichuan Youth Social Education Service Center and the Red Cross society of Chenghua District on the spot. Meanwhile, we awarded the Practice Teaching Base of Sichuan Normal University and the Public Safety Social Practice Public Welfare Studio.After the award, teachers and students of the College of Engineering participated in the first batch of emergency rescue training for provincial college students in the base, which improved their emergency rescue knowledge and skills and enhanced their self-rescue ability.Chuanshi Campus Treasure public account