This post-90s bus driver is quite romantic

2022-06-06 0 By

“I didn’t expect to receive flowers from a bus driver during the New Year!”The Spring Festival holiday, relatives and friends reunion, play outside, not happy!But there’s a group of people who choose to stick to their jobs.One of them is Wang Dedong, the 684 line bus driver of Chongqing Transportation Group Liangjiang Bus Company, who was the first to take the initiative to be on duty during the Spring Festival to ensure the public travel.Wang Dedong, 31, has been working as a bus driver for six and a half years. This is the third time he has volunteered to work during the Spring Festival.This year, while sticking to his post, he also bought dozens of flowers out of his own pocket and gave them to his colleagues and passengers on duty.”Chinese New Year, I hope to use a little ‘romantic’, to set off the ‘flavor of the New Year’.”Wang dedong said that at 5:30 am on The first day of the Chinese New Year, he arrived at his post on time. After finishing the preparation work before the departure, he took out flowers and gave them to long Yang, the dispatcher on duty.Long Yang took the flowers and took photos for her family. She was so happy.A passenger came, Wang Dedong took out flowers to them, we smile, said to each other “happy New Year”…This scene, for the New Year’s day cold morning added warmth.In Wang dedong’s eyes, the blessings of passengers will start a lucky year for him.In the past year, Wang Dedong won the title of “energy-saving model” in chongqing Bus Group driver skills competition by virtue of his excellent professional skills.This not only gave him confidence, but also gave him the motivation to do a good job and stick to his post during the Spring Festival.▲ Wang Dedong won “Energy-saving model” and during the Spring Festival duty, he also always with practical action to lead the citizens “green travel”, “this year, I hope I can also be elected ‘energy-saving model’.”Upstream news reporter Fan Shengqing intern Zhang Ruoyu