I’ve seen more stories than I’ve seen in history books

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The University of Oxford, England, remains the same for more than 200 years.A man with three legs.On January 19, 1981, heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali managed to talk a Vietnam war veteran who was about to commit suicide near his home to take him to the hospital.Fifty years after being barred from running the Boston Marathon because she was a woman, Katherine Switzer, 70, is running again with the same number.A fossil tree as tall as a modern redwood has been found in northern Thailand. The trunk is 72.2 meters long, and the original tree was probably more than 100 meters tall and about 800,000 years old.In the 1920s, reusable shopping lists, you can see how simple things were back then.A German woman and all her belongings sit alone in the war-torn city of Cologne in 1945.A 225 million-year-old fossilized opal tree trunk in Arizona, USA.A skull implanted with metal plates, estimated to be from about 2,000 years ago, has broken bones around the repair fused together tightly, indicating a successful operation.A 392-year-old Greenland shark in the Arctic Ocean.Berlin, Germany, 1926. This three-tier bus was later cancelled for safety reasons.Welcome to click on the link to find and discuss more list content oh ~ “link” rearrange: big boy Yin Shen, this article information is from the network, the copyright belongs to the original author, if you have any questions, please contact us, the first time to deal with, thank you!Welcome to click on the link to chat about the storm list, a total of wonderful news ~