Buy iPhone to meet refurbished machine, ordinary people can not see, the reply of the merchant is small white unexpectedly can not refute?

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Recently, my fan asked me for help, saying that he bought an iPhoneX replacement phone. He suspected that it was a refurbished phone, but he couldn’t find any evidence, so I didn’t know if it was a refurbished phone!Wanted me to take a look.If you look at the iPhoneXS purely from the outside, there is almost no problem.But isn’t the color of the casing a little dark?The machine’s inspection report is all green, but it can still find the problem.The battery is 95 percent efficient and only recharges 51 times.Obviously not, 51 charges is equivalent to a month of use, a month of 5% loss, 50% in a year.Is that okay?It was clear that the battery had been altered.Note that the screen and battery data can be changed separately.About the machine also shows that the machine is a national line official replacement machine, the memory is 256GB.It seems that there is no problem, and it is consistent with the test report.In fact, most of the data we see are changed by businesses!Including machine test report and about the machine in the model number, memory.If you want to know whether the iPhone has changed the underlying data, the easiest way is to use the serial number to query the machine’s overall report.Because the serial number can’t be changed, the machine report can’t be changed.One cannot be activated if it is changed, and the other is stored in Apple’s server, so merchants have no right to change it.The screenshot is the overall report of this iPhoneXS, and you can see too much abnormal data.The original memory of this machine is 64GB, now it is 256GB, expand the machine.The original color was deep space gray, now it’s gold, changed shell.The original network model was A2098, now it’s A2100 and the activation date is 2019, almost three years from now, the battery efficiency is so high that it’s totally unreliable.Whether the official replacement machine display, product type display, changed the product type.The original place of sale was Japan (Japanese version), but now it is Guohang (China), and changed the place of sale.The original model number was MTAW2J/A, now NT992CH/A.The machine has so much abnormal data.But the machine report is still all green, indicating that it is a refurbished machine that changed the underlying data.Once the iPhone changes the underlying data, the machine test report has no reference value. Whether it is the demon machine or the bombe, the machine test report can be all green by changing the underlying data.The only way to determine whether the iPhone has changed its data is through the data reported by the device.We can know that this machine is a refurbished machine, but the business said: this is an official replacement machine, the data out of the query is the previous iPhone, not this iPhone.This is the classic concept of stealing!Everyone knows that one machine one code, if the data checked is the previous one, the whole database is chaotic, Apple themselves can not figure out!The serial number of the iPhone is the same as everyone’s ID number, so it’s impossible for your ID number to get anyone else’s information.The same is true for mobile phones. Whether it is an official replacement machine or a retail machine, as long as it is the serial number of the machine, the query result is the information of the machine. It will not continue to involve another iPhone, so we must understand this truth.