From $125,800, you can enjoy 0 down payment or 5 years of low interest

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Gac Toyota Front Landa front play on the market!Prices start at 125,800 yuan!Enjoy replacement subsidies, up to 8000 yuan.Address: 289-1 Qiongshan Avenue, Motor City, Tel: Details are as follows: Fengda is the first compact SUV of GAC Toyota, and the third model of “Landa family”.Born in Toyota’s new TNGA architecture, the large size of the body, spacious interior space, ultra 2.0L power system, carrying a number of leading configurations, leading the new benchmark in the market.Superclass long body, spacious back row space, take care of the needs of each family member, inside face all have.The introduction of the 2.0L engine, the same as The Velanda, power 126kW, fuel consumption 5.8L/100km, powerful power, powerful climbing, fuel consumption is far lower than the same level, only 4 cents per kilometer, power and economy are the new benchmark of the same level.The event will run from February 20, 2022 to February 26, 2022