In 2021, 100% of nanning’s major river basins will have excellent water quality

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Nanning insists on strengthening the river and lake chief system and has carried out a lot of work to improve the ecological advantages of the capital.The picture shows that the “appearance level” of Nanhu lake has been continuously improved after the governance.Nanning Cloud – Nanning Daily (Reporter Guo Shaodong, correspondent Lu Mingfa, Li Jie) According to the data, in 2021, nanning city’s main river basin water quality is good (reach or better than the third class) proportion of 100%;The water quality standards of centralized drinking water sources at city and county levels were 100%.Behind the figures, it is inseparable from a lot of work carried out by the city to strengthen the river and lake chief system and enhance the ecological advantages of the capital.In recent years, Nanning has been focusing on the treatment of urban black and odorous water bodies. Through the measures of “monitoring, judgment and supervision”, the original 38 sections of black and odorous water bodies have been continuously improved, and the water quality has been steadily improved, and nanning has become the benchmark for the treatment of urban black and odorous water bodies in the whole region.We will accelerate the development of 12 beautiful and happy rivers and lakes, including the Shajiang River (section A of zhupai River) and The Wuxiang Lake, with the new measures of “rural vitalization plus water control”. We will continue to improve the effectiveness of river basin management and promote rural vitalization through ecological conservation.To strengthen the management and protection of river and lake shorelines, promote the completion of the compilation of shorelines protection and utilization planning for Zuojiang (Nanning section), Qingshui River, Wuming River, Baqijiang River, Nanhu lake and other rivers and lakes, as well as the compilation of health assessment reports for 64 rivers and lakes, and improve the comprehensive functions of river channels.In terms of rectifying illegal sand mining in river channels, Nanning city has continued to compacted and tightened the management responsibilities of sand mining in river channels, standardized sand mining activities in river channels, improved the long-term supervision and management mechanism of sand mining in river channels, and maintained the water ecological environment and the management order of sand mining in river channels.The yujiang and Hongshuihe rivers have been comprehensively improved by sand mining, and water law enforcement supervision has been carried out on a total of 80 occasions, covering a distance of 13,000 kilometers and a surface area of 126.7 square kilometers.The municipal water conservancy department also carried out a special campaign to clean up and regulate illegal sand mining vessels jointly with transportation, maritime affairs and agricultural and rural departments.In addition, Nanning also paid attention to strengthening the connection between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice. Members of the River Chiefs’ Conference, such as water conservancy, urban management, maritime affairs, agriculture and rural areas, and public security departments, cooperated closely to carry out special actions to crack down on illegal sand mining crimes in Yujiang, strengthen source control, and coordinate solutions to a number of river and lake problems.We urged local governments to carry out joint patrols and law enforcement in combination with the “fishing ban” in Yujiang and the rectification of problems reported by the central environmental inspectors. We inspected 9,867.6 kilometers of river channels, dispatched 1,370 law enforcement personnel, investigated and dealt with three cases of illegal sand mining and three vessels of illegal sand mining.Editor: Li Huiting Responsible editor: Luo Ning On duty editor: Lu Chao