The International Skating Federation (ISU) has rejected appeals by South Korea and Hungary in the men’s 1,000m short track speed skating

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China’s Ren Ziwei won the gold medal and Li Wenlong the silver medal in the men’s 1,000m short track speed skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 7.South Korea’s Hwang Dae-heon was penalized in the semifinal in group 1, and Hungary’s Liu Shao-lin was also disqualified for a yellow card.According to a statement posted on the official website of the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation on Tuesday, the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation rejected the appeal of the South Korean team and the Hungarian team against liu shaolin’s penalty.A statement on the OFFICIAL website of the International Skating Federation (ISU) on Tuesday said that the head judge of short track speed skating received two appeals during the Beijing 2022 Short track event on Feb 7.The statement said the South Korean team lodged a complaint against Hwang dae-heon for his penalty in the 1,000m semi-final.As announced on the video screen at the arena, the skater (Hwang dae-heon) was penalized for “overstepping violation resulting in contact”;Hungary appealed against Liu Shaolin for receiving A yellow card in the group A 1,000m final.As announced on the arena’s video screen, the skater (Liu Shaolin) received a yellow card for two penalties in the same game.The statement said the referee confirmed that the appeal had been rejected in accordance with article 123, paragraphs 4 and 5 of the GENERAL Rules of the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation.’In fact, in accordance with the principles applicable to the field, no appeal is allowed against disqualification or non-disqualification decisions of (referee) officials for breach of any competition rules,’ the statement added.Regardless of the “rules of the game”, the referee and video referee reviewed the incident again and supported his final decision, the statement said.(Original title “ISU rejects Appeal of South Korea and Hungary in men’s 1000m short track speed skating”.Editor Gao Wei)