The Southern Song Dynasty Spring Festival is called Yuanri, how did the ancients spend New Year’s Eve to fight monsters?

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Chen Yuhao Southern Song Dynasty Spring Festival is called Yuanri, drink Tusu hang taofu, how did the ancients play monsters on New Year’s Eve?After reading it, I know that all the prayers are blessed with a full sense of ceremony.This unusual Spring Festival, after 00 American girls original, through the Southern Song dynasty yuan Day New Year’s eve, with more than 800 years of history to increase the strength, joy song rhyme years, but also for Hangzhou blessing cheer.This year, The sound of Zhejiang Transportation deeply excavates the “Zheli” brand, innovates and develops audio and video products, cultural and creative products and IP projects, gives full play to the cultural advantages of Zhejiang, and creates the historical and cultural gold card of Zhejiang represented by “Song Yun culture”.The first “Zhejiang Gift” of “Song Dynasty those things” Yuanri album, January 30 – February 4 through the Beigao APP to watch the first, Douyin, Kuaishou, video number, Weibo, xiaohongshu, B station synchronous launch, to create a new era of cultural highland contribution.In song dynasty is ganjitsu legal official holiday, it is extremely strong color in a traditional Chinese festival customs festival, also because of its unique festival common features, there are a lot of time to celebrate the most important festival in a year, in addition to renewing, send greetings, to ward off bad luck, worship, entertainment and so on, people will enjoy during the play, “Vatican yu, rich or poor, play Lin palace JingRi.”What exactly do they play?Setting off firecrackers is one of the important activities of the Song people to welcome the Spring Festival, the New Year is also an essential activity, it is divided into the government and the civil two kinds, which the government’s New Year’s visit activities can be divided into the palace and officials will pay New Year’s visit to each other.And the common people are dressed in bright new clothes, exchange New Year, when some of the people of the official family, can not personally come to the door to pay New Year’s visit, he sent his signature of the name card to the people to congratulate, this custom is called “New Year fly post”.The food of the Spring Festival is more than usual. It is the most abundant time in the year. People should put up lanterns to celebrate and feast on this day to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.In the video, we can see several college students who are about to graduate. They have deep love for Zhejiang and are obsessed with Song Yun. They put down their impetuous and look for traditional Chinese music at the same time.When the epidemic broke out suddenly, they found oxygen entertainment and tried to sing together to cheer up more people in this context.