Yao Wei to Tian Jing surprise, cake to cook diamond gold necklace, more and more romantic after leaving Du Ma

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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, in the eyes of many people, after marriage, life becomes daily necessities, romance is also discarded, but worthy people will always be cherished, Tian Jing for Yao Wei and Xu Min paid a lot, this family can not yao Wei, but can not without Tian Jing.On the evening of Valentine’s Day, Yao Wei plans to give Tian Jing a surprise.He rarely cooks in the kitchen, Tian Jing finished her work, pushed the door back, also received yao Wei ding cake.Looking at a table of rice and cakes, Tian Jing’s heart was moved.I did not expect that Yao Wei, who has always been like a wooden knot, also had a romantic day. Looking at tian Jing’s moving appearance, Yao Wei began to feel proud and shook his legs and said to Tian Jing, “Do you think it is so simple to end?”Yao Wei also prepared a big trick, I saw Yao Wei took out a pink bag, took out a diamond studded ruby gold necklace, personally for Tian Jing to wear on the neck, red gem against Tian Jing’s white skin, diamond and gold necklace shining, although the necklace is not very thick, but must be very valuable.Tian Jing received the necklace is very touched, she rarely received yao Wei’s gift, especially now busy work, home have time to go to the studio live, and yao Wei rarely together, I did not expect Yao Wei can remember valentine’s Day, to prepare their gifts, is quite heart.Tian Jing moved to say, last year a deer with you, this year’s tiger Tiger, with a non gold non drill ordinary life, ordinary life is enough!In recent years, the couple’s living conditions have improved, and Yao wei has begun to develop a romantic mood.I still remember that yao Wei was a typical mama’s boy who did everything du’s mother told him.In life, the couple is very thrifty, a nurse, a auxiliary police, the light is for the children, two people live frugally, where there is time to think about romance.Yao wei is becoming more and more romantic now that he is away from Du Ma, and not just this Valentine’s Day.In peacetime, Yao Wei and Tian Jing looked at Qiqi Yueyue sleep review lessons, take photos for Tian Jing, choose studio supplies together, put more energy on Tian Jing and the children, but also want to give Tian Jing a romantic wedding.Married for years and with two children, they looked like a couple in love.If it was not Xu Min’s liver, started the wrong change event, Yao Wei and Tian Jing did not have a good life now, but now it has been said that Yao Wei is a Wolf in the eyes, said he was ungrateful, regardless of du Ma for his upbringing.If there is no wrong change in life, yao Wei should be in a public office now, and Tian Jing will have a better life, if the concept is changed, the delay yao Wei happiness of half the people, and what qualifications to say love him?