Construction of Ten key Agricultural Industry Chains in Hubei Runs out of “Acceleration”

2022-06-18 0 By

February 11, Hubei province ten key agricultural industry chain work to promote the symposium held in hubei Agriculture and Rural department.Reporters learned from the meeting that the leading units of the industrial chain actively cooperated and acted quickly to push forward the integration of leading enterprises, brand publicity, scientific and technological innovation, and large-scale investment promotion in the whole region, and continued to strengthen the construction of ten key agricultural industrial chains.To promote the hubei province key agricultural industry chain construction into effect, since last year, in hubei province set issued the implementation scheme of key agricultural industry chain, hubei province, hubei tea, high-quality rice, canola oil, crayfish, citrus, vegetables, pigs, poultry and egg products such as key agricultural industry chain has established a special expert team and work team, made a detailed implementation plan,Become hubei agricultural industrialization high quality development of the strong engine.Take the construction of the province’s high-quality rice industry chain led by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hubei Province as an example. Since last year, around the construction of high-quality rice industry chain, the department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hubei Province has rapidly played a series of combination of reinforcing chain and strengthening chain. The high-quality rice industry chain presents a good situation of stable foundation, stable start and increased output value.Luo Kun, director of planting Department of Provincial Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department, introduced: “There are 34 new leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization above the provincial level, reaching 91;The total output value of the province’s high-quality rice industry chain reached 109.95 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 4.8%.The total annual processing output value of the 10 key leading enterprises and the 10 growing enterprises included in the list was 14.74 billion yuan, up 23.3% year on year.”Ten key agricultural industrial chains, “chain” out of the agricultural industry new picture.By carefully cultivating the tea industry chain, the total output value of the tea industry in the province will reach the target of 100 billion yuan by 2025, and the seven major brands including Enshi Yulu, Yichang Maojian, Wudang Mountain Tea, Dabie Mountain Yunwu, Xiangyang Gaoxiang Tea, Yihong and Hubei Qingbrick Tea will be cultivated into provincial public brands.Chinese herbal medicine industry chain is actively promoting the construction of “ten Chu medicine” bases and brands;High quality rice industry chain seeks progress in stability;Key agricultural industry chains such as rapeseed oil, crayfish, citrus, vegetables, pigs, poultry and egg products are full of highlights…Rural industry development in agriculture and rural areas in hubei province hall Li Chen introduction, next, hubei will also continued to intensify efforts to in the construction of key agricultural industry chain, according to the scale, science and technology, standardization, branding, clustering, diversification, internationalization, highlight the “big goals, big investment, big cock, big brand, big market, big science and technology, investment, fusion” goal,We will promote integrated development and development of the whole industrial chain.”In 2022, we will strive to increase the number of leading enterprises above the provincial level by 80, increase the comprehensive output value of the ten industrial chains by more than 20 percent, and increase the annual agricultural investment quota by 200 billion yuan,” Li said.(Hubei Radio reporters Zhou Meng, Li Li, Ma Zi ang, correspondent Hu Man)