In the backcourt is the anchor, in the front become a cold-blooded killer, Wang Shanshan won the Asian Cup MVP

2022-06-20 0 By

Into stoppage time game, both teams score for a 2-2 draw, the Chinese team the last attack, the area of captain vian after pass to turn a straight plug into the ball in the hinterland, XiaoYuYi box on the right side of speed on forming single pole, a foot moves against South Korea’s goal, the players are to 3:2, China completed a dead,Returning to the top of Asia for the first time in 16 years, the Coach of The Korean national Team, who was in charge of the entire game, had to sit on the bench.That was the highlight of tonight’s final between China and South Korea, as captain Wang Shanshan scored another crucial goal.After the game, Wang shanshan was also named MVP of the Asian Cup.The Chinese women’s soccer team is full of heroine players, including Wang Shuang, Tang Jiali and Zhu Yu, who won the award for best goalkeeper, but wang Shanshan definitely deserved the MVP award. The woman from the Women’s League A scored key goals in the Asian Cup and was a key player in China’s rise to the top of Asia.After China conceded the first goal against Vietnam on Jan 30, Wang Shanshan scored the game-winning goal to advance the team.On February 3rd, The Chinese women’s football team was always on the back foot when facing the powerful Japanese team. After tying in regular time, the two sides went into extra time. In the extra time, The Japanese team scored the first goal to make the score 2-1.She beat her opponents in a penalty shootout to reach the final, and in today’s final, Wang shanshan again performed the “divine operation” mentioned in the article.This Asian Cup, Wang Shanshan signed up for the position is the defender, but we all know that Wang Shanshan is an excellent attacker, she was once selected in the Asian women’s football team of the best, her position in the best team is the striker.Have to admire Wang Shanshan’s ability, she is absolutely versatile on the court, can be competent in a number of positions on the field.In this Asian Cup, whenever the team attack is passive, the coach will be wang Shanshan position, and she also lived up to expectations, will always create a key goal for the team.It is not an exaggeration to say that the fans praise “he is the anchor in the backcourt and the cold-blooded killer in the front court”.Of course, the return of The Chinese women’s football team to the top of Asia is inseparable from the efforts of every player, coach and staff. The victory is the result of our unity, cooperation and never giving up, and every one of them deserves our respect.But if I had to pick the best player, I agree with the AfC, and the honor goes to wang Shanshan, China’s ubiquitous captain.